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CCTVCCTV operates throughout our nurseries for the protection of children, staff and parents. It drives away burglars, stalkers, vandals and other unwelcome visitors. Images are retained on the system for an extended period of time and then automatically erased.


Parent App

We understand that starting at nursery can be a sensitive time for both you and your child. Fortunately, at Banana Moon, from your child’s first day, you will be given access to your very own Parent App. Whether it be a successful settling in session, an activity to try at home or a clean plate at lunch, you will be involved every step of the way.

Click here for more information on our parent app.


Outdoor Play- Paddock

In addition to all of the indoor activities and facilities, the children go outside every day throughout the year for fresh air and exercise. Banana Moon Hatton have their own paddock for plenty of fun and games as well as some fantastic willow tunnels, perfect for hide and seek, a wooded area with reading chair and a mud kitchen and bug hotel ideal for our little explorers.


Nappy Changing Rooms/ Toilets

Both our Under 2’s and Toddler Rooms have their own nappy changing room which contains everything required for a safe and hygienic nappy change and somewhere to store nappies, wipes and creams for each child. We also have purpose-built toilets perfect for younger children and ideal to help with independent toilet training both in the main barn and the Preschool Barn.


Creative and Learning Rooms / Space

We have our very own Creative and Learning Rooms, both in the main barn and Preschool Barn which includes a large interactive screen and a number of portable tablets, allowing children to take photos outside and view on the screen or take part in the interactive play.  There are a number of age-appropriate programmes to support all the children’s learning and development.



Security is of paramount concern at Banana Moon. With this in mind, we operate a ‘fingerprint’ biometric access system to protect children and nursery staff. This system allows nursery personnel to register parent’s fingerprints in seconds. Parents then simply press their fingerprint on a sensor pad at the door to gain fast, easy access. We operate an “open house” policy where registered parents can enter the nursery any time of the day. They can leave or collect their children without fuss while unregistered visitors must await admission by a member of staff. The biometric system means members of staff can remain under constant supervision of the children.


Sensory Rooms

Our sensory rooms can be calming or stimulating and are equipped with a range of different experiences. Your child’s awareness and curiosity are enhanced by experiencing different lights, sounds and textures. Children can completely relax or interact with all of the elements available. At all times they are supervised and encouraged to participate and enjoy the experience.


Sleep Room

Calm tranquil rest is a pre-requisite for babies and younger children, all of our rooms, apart from the Preschool Barn, have a dedicated sleep room equipped with cots and/or sleep mattresses. Each child has their own bed linen which is regularly laundered in-house. Baby monitors, rigid recorded checking procedures and a designated member of staff keep an eye on sleeping children, this ensures constant safety and care for your child. At all times we endeavour to adhere to your desired and established sleep patterns and routines.


Twirling Toddlers

Twirling Toddlers is a weekly session we offer across the nursery and is tailored to each age group. Award-winning Twirling Toddlers offer dance and movement classes for your little ones and is taught in an interactive, fun and exciting way, designed to help your little ones to develop in lots of different ways!


Dandy Development

Dandy Development is a weekly session for our Under 2’s group.  It is an award-winning new baby and toddler development class that combines baby sign, music and sensory fun which helps develop language and communication skills, listening skills, social and emotional skills, confidence and coordination and to stimulate the senses and imagination

Language Lessons

Our Pre-school and Playschool children enjoy French lessons on a Monday afternoon. We spend time learning our ‘polite words’ – hello, please, thank you, how are you…to name a few. We learn our numbers and also do an activity where we learn other key French words following a theme, for example, colours, our body, getting ready for school. We sing French songs too.

Cooking with the Chef

Our resident chef, John cooks with the children on a regular basis.  Introducing simple cooking techniques and healthy eating as well as having fun making some tasty treats.

Wilderness Days

Each week we have a dedicated session spent exploring our fantastic outdoor paddock and ‘base camp’ forest area. We have a tree stump circle around the base camp firepit and shelter, where the children meet each week for an outdoor learning activity. The theme each week varies, but activities have included minibeast hunts, shelter building, leaf rubbing, nature art and numerous outdoor games. Children come well prepared with wellies and all-in-one padded rain suits, as we are out there, whatever the weather.

Rugby Tots

Our Toddlers, Playschool and Pre-school children enjoy Rugby Tots on Wednesdays. The coaches from Rugby Tots lead fun physical activity sessions for the children, using running, throwing and running skills. A Player of the Week is awarded every week.

Mystery Readers

Pre-school are really excited by our new ‘mystery readers’ project. We are eagerly welcoming a different ‘mystery’ adult each week to read a story to our Pre-school children. Parents and grandparents have been volunteering half an hour of their time to come and read to children. It has been lovely to see a child’s excitement when they realise the ‘mystery reader’ for that session is their adult. It has also been a useful opportunity for us to assess how confident the children are around unfamiliar adults (which is part of the EYFS), and for the children to experience a wider range of reader styles.