Menu – 3rd June 2019

Mid-Morning Snack: Apple and raisins 
Lunch: Vegetable Chilli with lime and coriander rice & mini poppadum’s
Afternoon Snack: Bread Sticks & hummus
Dinner: Creamy mushroom chicken with cabbage & new potatoes followed by fruity flapjacks

Mid-Morning Snack: Strawberries and banana
Lunch: American BBQ sizzling sausages & turmeric rice
Afternoon Snack: Cherry tomatoes & cucumber
Dinner: Jacket potatoes with cheese & beans followed by warm waffles & maple syrup

Mid-Morning Snack: Scotch pancakes
Lunch: Cajun chicken wraps with mix salad, lemon & chive dip
Afternoon Snack: Peaches & apricots
Dinner: Fish pie with mustard mash & mangetout & carrots followed by fromage frais

Mid-Morning Snack: Fruit loaf
Lunch: Tomato Italian herb meatballs with rigatoni pasta, topped with parmesan
Afternoon Snack: Melon & raspberries
Dinner: Mixed vegetable risotto followed by fruit salad

Mid-Morning Snack: Croissants and jam
Lunch: Ham & pineapple pizzas with potato wedges
Afternoon Snack: Orange & Blueberries
Dinner: Tuna pasta bake with peppers & sweetcorn followed by banana & chocolate chip cake