Menu – 7th May 2019

Monday: Closed

Breakfast: Cereals – fruit – crumpet
Lunch: Mexican chicken wrap, salsa, sweet potato fries
Tea: Jacket potato with cheese, beans followed by fruit fromage frais

Breakfast: Semi skimmed porridge – fruit – cereals
Lunch: Broccoli, cauliflower and sprout bacon bake
Tea: Turkey meatballs spaghetti followed by apple and sultana sponge and custard

Breakfast: Fruit – cereal – toast
Lunch: Toad in the hole with cabbage, mange tout and onion gravy
Tea: Creamy butternut squash, red onion, courgette and courgette and ricotta penne followed by mixed fruit salad

Breakfast: Greek yoghurt – fruit – cereals
Lunch: Breadcrumb fish goujons with mint mushy peas and herb potato squares
Tea: Cheese, leek and ham wholemeal pasta bake followed by sticky toffee pudding with custard

Using our snack and main menus we ensure your children have 5 + fruit and vegetables per day and we offer a nutritious and well balanced meals in line with the .GOV and the Food trust…there will be seasonal vegetables used were available and our meat products are British tractor approved, bread based products are wholemeal or 50/50 and we use salmon at least twice within 4 weeks.